Youth or Student Fundraising Programs

Christmas trees make a great fundraising tool as many of your supporters will be buying a tree for their home or business this year.

Perfect for Sports Leagues, Church Groups & more

Norton Creek Farm’s Christmas Tree and Handmade Wreath Fundraiser will enable your organization to provide a great product that your supporters will enjoy while achieving your fundraising goals.

One of the great features of this program is that your volunteers will pre-sell the trees, eliminating any up front cost for your organization as well as any leftover product after the event.

Perfect for your

✔ School Fundraiser
✔ Church or Religious Group Fundraiser
✔ Boy Scout or Girl Scout Troops Fundraiser
✔ Youth Group Fundraiser

Fundraising Order Forms

We’ve created a sample order form for quick and easy printing.

Fundraising Order Form

Great Re-sale pricing

With a profit margin of 100% or more per tree and wreath, it’s a very effective high impact event to help you meet your group’s financial goals.

Set Your Own Pricing

Norton Creek Farms Christmas Tree and Wreath Fundraising Program enables you to provide competitive pricing with traditional Christmas Tree retailers.

Since you can set your own price (and profit margin) — your fundraising team can pre-sell trees at the price that suits your fundraising team.

The suggested retail price for a 6 foot tree is $55,

but your organization

pays only $25.

That’s a $30 profit.

By ordering only what you have sold, your group can earn $500 or $5000 with no up-front purchases.

Athletic Team Fundraiser Example

→ A Junior Varsity Football Team has 35 players.
→ Each player sells 5 wreaths and 5 trees.
→ The team can raise at least $5950


This past year, I got in touch with Eric Pope and I talked to him about starting my own Christmas tree lot. I ended up ordering 215 trees from Eric and when I picked up the trees, I saw how full the trees were and I knew that they would sell themselves. Sure enough all of my customers loved the trees. I had several people stop by and tell me how my Christmas trees looked much fuller and better than anyone else in town. Thank you Eric Pope and Norton Creek Farms.
William SmithOwnerClean Cut Lawns and Landscaping